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Mean Girls: The Movie & More

We were briefed to establish a new experiential / event format for Paramount Network internationally.

Our response was to create Mean Girls: The Movie & More, celebrating this iconic Paramount movie's 15 year anniversary with photo ops based on key scenes from the film, themed food and drink, and an exclusive screening on a massive 8K screen, all within a fully branded, immersive environment based on the Spring Fling at the end of the film.

We named, planned and branded the event, giving fans and celebrity guests everything they needed to immerse themselves into the world of one of their all-time favourite movies for the night, and to post thousands of selfies, organically promoting the arrival of Paramount Network in the UK.

Marketing Lead: Gerald Biart
Press & PR Lead: Amanda Browne
Creative & Design: David Marshall & Maya Raviv
Creative Director: Alex Norris
Event Partners: Luna Cinema
Production Company: Paramount Network International